The Stars are our Guardians
From the Zohar: Book of Splendor it is written

“Acting as guardians over this world are all the stars of the firmaments, with each individual object of the world having a specially designated star to care for it. The herbs and the trees, the grass and the wild plants, to bloom and increase must have the power of the stars that stand over them and look directly at them, each in its particular mode.”

“The great number of the planets and stars of all kinds emerge in the beginning of the night and it is not without purpose that all the stars shine and serve.”

“The book of higher wisdom of the east tells of stars with trailing tails, comets, which from the skies hold sway over and direct the growth of certain herbs on Earth, of the sort known as “elixirs of life,” and influence also the growth of precious stones and gold to be found under shallow water, within the bosom of high mountains; and the growth of these is brought about by the flash of that luminous tail trailing after these stars across the firmament.

“The Holy One, be blessed, has so ordered all things as to make the world perfect and full of splendor and it is written, that the stars are to give light upon Earth. Gen 1:17
Upon all things necessary to the world’s perfection.”

Great is our Lord he counteth the number of the stars; he giveth them their names.