About Astrophilosophy

It is not only through the astrolabe that one discovers who he is, but it is also through the numbers, and through the Major Arcana, and through the Tree of Life, and also Mythology. Each system is intimately connected, and they do not contradict, in fact they coexist, each proves the other. Not just astrology, but philosophy as well.

Mystical knowledge is as intertwined as any wild vineyard which may even look haphazard, but in reality there is order. I like to unravel these arcane mysteries and search for meaning. The Sun and Moon for instance are part of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, not just Astrology. They have numerical value, and they even are attached to a story, a myth. There is a very special story inside all of us and that is my job, you could say I am the unraveler.

I have my very own astrological formulas, I use a time line based on the mathematics of the astrological wheel, and I use the cycles of Saturn. I know as some do that this is not the first lifetime I am an astrologer. It runs too deep in my veins. It is my passion.