Hermetic Philosophy

The Seven Principles of Hermetic Philosophy and the Planets

The principle of Correspondence ~ Earth

The Principle of Rhythm ~ the Moon

The Principle of Mentalism ~ Mercury

The Principle of Gender ~ Venus

The Principle of Vibration ~ the Sun

The Principle of Polarity ~ Jupiter

The Principle of Cause and Effect ~ Mars

Where these planets are in your natal chart will give you a clue to how best access and use the house they reside in .

For instance if your Sun is in the 11th house then the Principle of Vibration is the best expressed energy to use. The 11th house is the house of friendship, and doesn’t that make it wise to use this quality of vibration in all your friendships. What is the Principle of Vibration? We are all vibratory beings, our moods often send out our vibes, so it is nice to know that if we become conscious of the benefits of the Hermetic Principle of Vibration we can have more success in our relationships.

I teach classes periodically on the Hermetic Principles or one can put a group together and form a class for me to teach.