The Fire Signs


Aries - head
Leo - heart
Sagittarius - lower back

Aries is commencement
Leo is the progression
Sagittarius is the completion

Aries are the thoughts and words
Leo is the self-expression
Sagittarius are the core beliefs

Aries represents the first sounds we hear in the early years of our life. It sets a pattern which leaves a mark weather good or bad. Mostly mixed of course. The early childhood conditioning is formed within the first 7 years of life. This pattern becomes our survival. It's what we learned from our parents. Wherever Aries is in the chart can explain our first experiences with language. It is not only words but it is primarily our thoughts. Thoughts that occupy our mind have a profound effect on what we do. In the Aries myth Hercules tries to control the wild mares. The wild mares wreak havoc and so it is with our thoughts.

Leo is the sign of self-expression. The individual is formed and his creative output is his own. Leo the Lion is King, and that Lion has Pride. The Leo part of your chart is where and how you will thrive. After all Leo rules the heart. It is the heart's desire that drives us to create. When that self-expression is thwarted or prevented then the Lion feels choked. The Leo rage can then emerge. It is essential for all of us to be validated by what it is we do and create. Everyone should have the right to his creative output. The individual should be nourished and guided to his highest potential.

Sagittarius is the Archer who draws his bow and let's it fly to a specific target. That target is belief. What is your religion, what are your core beliefs. What are you aiming your thoughts at, and to what end. In the Myth of Sagittarius, it is the predacious birds with iron-tipped beaks and wings like blades that are wounding and hurtful. It is important to understand the fiery use of words at this final stage. The sign of Sagittarius governs laws and ideals as well as religious and spiritual philosophies. Tolerance is needed, and respect for the beliefs of others.