the Earth signs

In Taurus the senses are being developed. The imagination is expanded. We are learning how to navigate a world that is at times hazy. Taurus represents our instincts, and later on in life our intuition. The subconscious mind absorbs those early experiences. Under Taurus comes the healing arts that are not conventional, but are in deed an extension of the sensory realms. The emotional and spiritual realms to be more explicit. Here we have the use of talismans, magic, stones, and other metaphysical avenues. Many people governed by Taurus are in the healing arts ranging from say a Jungian Therapist, hypnosis, meditation, astrology even. Many are working directly with touch, as in massage therapy, or Jin Shin Jyutsu. In the myth of Taurus Hercules has to ride the bull of desire through the maze. It is a test of self-control as one navigates their desires.

The individual comes in to this lifetime to serve. They have a desire to help and to make sacrifices. The work is often detailed and painstaking. There is a need for perfectionism. Virgo knows about suffering, usually from direct experience. Perhaps even as a victim. Here we have the wounded healer that knows and understands by their own personal pain. They can help heal from experience and a deep knowing. This is a first step in compassion and empathy. The Virgo struggles from feelings of being a victim, to having abundant strength as described in the myth of the amazon women. The myth is the story of an age old battle of the sexes. There is much to learn about gender under the sign of Virgo.

We kneel to pray, and we isolate to grow. In our most lonely of times we do our deepest work. We may internalize to discover an inner reservoir of faith. Capricorn experiences a lonely path and is never part of a tribe or group. They depart in life, at some point to begin a solo journey. This is to gain higher wisdom. They cannot be manipulated nor can they be blindly influenced. They do not have a mob mentality. They are not followers. They may have direct experience with hardship and physical poverty. But they will never feel a spiritual poverty. Or poverty is the impetus to spirituality. They work from an inner well-spring of faith. Capricorn is about hardship.

To sum it up the progression is as follows

In Taurus – we develop our senses and explore alternative modes of healing. We are attracted to the mystical realms and may dabble in magic. We use our instincts and later develop our intuition.

In Virgo – we come into this existence with a desire to serve and to make self-sacrifice. We also come into this existence to have knowledge about being a victim, in order to be the wounded healer.

In Capricorn – we realize the necessity to develop an inner faith. To be alone at times in order to grow. Under Capricorn one becomes the goat that climbs a mountain alone, breaking away from the sheep. It is those who have the courage and the wisdom to take the high road and not to follow those who are blindly misinformed, and who believe in false doctrines.

Taurus ~ neck

Virgo ~ intestines

Capricorn ~ knees or bones

Taurus ~ developing sensitivity

Virgo ~ desire to serve

Capricorn ~ compassion and self-sacrifice

A note ~ house placement has a lot to do with how these are expressed. For instance if you have a 6th house Taurus then it would most likely put a person in the alternative healing modes. Since 6th house is your work and how you serve.

Or a 10th house Virgo may have painful experiences with a father or men, or with authority of some sort. And may feel victimized and then can turn that around and have success in serving others in an important way.