Saturn Cycles

These are the first three houses, more to come as we traverse the astrological wheel. The next group to follow will be the 4th, 5th and 6th houses. we will then follow until we arrive at the 12th house.

Birth 2 years and 4 months
28 years to 30 years and 4 months
56 years to 58 years and 4 months

You are in a first house experience, which means you are working on yourself, becoming independent and expressive; you are remaking yourself. You may feel a sense of freedom. Maybe you are coming out of a self imposed withdrawal. The self image is changing, and your life as you knew it is no longer. Something of a death and rebirth experience. There are major shifts during these ages, usually sending you in a new direction. There is often a growth and learning experience leaving you transformed. Your actions define you. Take a look at what you do, and understand the impact it has on those around you, for better or worse. It is beneficial to be aware of your actions and how they affect not only those around you, but ultimately how you are affected by the decisions you make in your life. Words are important, and how you use and direct them towards others is particularly crucial. It is important to control your thoughts, as they can cause you to over react. How you speak to others is being tested.

2 years and 4 months to 4 years and 8 months
30 years and 4 months to 32 years and 8 months
58 years and 4 months to 60 years and 8 months

You are in a second house experience, which means your integrity and self esteem are being tested. Your challenges can be financial. You are aware of endings, whether they are endings of relationships, or an ending of a way of life. You are feeling vulnerable and may have to learn how to self protect. You will need to acquire self confidence, and stamina to preserve your integrity as an individual. You are conscious of maintaining your survival. We must learn to trust, and to understand the fragility in life. We need to allow the delicate and hidden parts of us to be understood. It is essential to allow change and movement in life, but there is a tendency to resist change. Fear is at the root of this resistance to change. It is both stressful and necessary to move in the world, to have these mini deaths and rebirth experiences. We must understand that this is all part of a greater cycle. It is important to maintain yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and most of all spiritually. There is a desire to be creative, to give birth to an idea, or a belief. You will find yourself being challenged during this time zone. Self-esteem is developed, and it is important to love yourself. You are learning how to navigate through confusion. Your journey is not clear, and you may feel hesitant and indecisive on what direction to go in life. It is important to make those decisions whether right or wrong, For it is only wrong to stay stuck. Even a wrong decision can be rectified. But wasting time and doing nothing cannot be rectified. A real loss of time is at stake in your life, years you cannot retrieve.

4 years and 8 months to 7 years
32 years and 8 months to 35 years
60 years and 8 months to 63 years

You are in a third house experience, which means you are changing a job, getting re-educated, or possibly moving. There is much activity and involvement with family. There can be new life in the family. You are more energetic and often on the go. There is also more communication with the world around you, whether at work with friends and acquaintances, or with your immediate community. The third house is very social. Your mind is engaged, and there is a feeling of excitement.The mind is being shaped. It is important to educate yourself as much as possible during this time. On a higher note we must understand that the family is the human family, we are all connected. The more evolved we are the greater our influence moves outward in the world. We are given the ability to choose, to discern, and to make decisions in life. We are all here to serve one another. During this time we are re- shaping our thinking. Choice is a gift not just a freedom, and it is not without responsibility. Because in the end we are left with our story, and we are left with our karma.