I have studied Astrology for 30 years, I was greatly influenced by my Grandmother who read the Tarot. Later in life I became interested in philosophy and theology. At the age of forty, I began my studies in the Kaballah.

I soon discovered the connection of these mystical systems. One proves the other. The stars, the numbers, the alphabet ~ or Astrology, Numerology, and the Kaballah.

Each system of divination has it’s own unique method, combined they open up an entire new reality.

Because every planet has a numerical equivalent. Also given that the Hebrew Alphabet represents the major arcana of the Tarot, which is the story of mankind, I knew immediately that they were all meant to work together.

I use mathematics for sacred geometry and planetary patterns to discover your past lifetimes, I use Myth to help you discover your true karmic path and easily define your mission here on Earth. I use the numbers to explain your nature.

We are here to remove the many masks, to discover and see our true face, not the surface. The illusions we work through while we are here, need to be understood and conquered. I am happy to make the readings and writings all available to you.