1. Aries~the ego is formed
  2. Taurus~the senses are developed
  3. Gemini~the mind is engaged
  4. Cancer~intuition is experienced
  5. Leo~the individual emerges
  6. Virgo~the wounded child is embraced
  7. Libra~relationships shift
  8. Scorpio~the past comes up for review
  9. Sagittarius~understanding the good and bad with language~what is your sound in the universe
  10. Capricorn~isolation and reorganization or the lonely disciple
  11. Aquarius~detaching and detoxing everything or purification
  12. Pisces~the crucifixion of the personality or dissolving
  1. Aries~1 to 6~years old
  2. Taurus~6 to 12~years old
  3. Gemini~12 to 18~years old
  4. Cancer~18 to 24~years old
  5. Leo~24 to 30~years old
  6. Virgo~30 to 36~years old
  7. Libra~36 to 42~years old
  8. Scorpio~42 to 48~years old
  9. Sagittarius~48 to 54~years old
  10. Capricorn~54 to 60~years old
  11. Aquarius~60 to 66~years old
  12. Pisces~66 to 72~years old

I can take you around the wheel, from Aries to Pisces for a unique interpretation. I will find where Aries begins, according to {date, time, and place} of birth and will reveal your early childhood experiences, and show you the patterns you are dealing with. I can help you recognize your true talents, and your struggles from birth to the age of 72.